Where have all the poker sites gone?

One thing I am noticing is the distinct lack of poker sites compared to when I used to play online some 7 Years ago. The majority have just vanished and I don’t seem to have much choice of where to play anymore.

Ultimatebet, party poker, ladbrokes, pokerstars, fulltilt, absolute poker, doyles room, one Daniel Negreanu was behind i forget the name. These are just a few I had accounts at now I seem to be left with a choice of pokerstars or Grosvenor which isn’t ideal but I suppose everyone is in the same boat.

I do remember fulltilt going bust and being bought by pokerstars, or something happened anyway. When it became illegal for US residents to play online poker the shit hit the fan and every panicked, withdrew money and rooms shut left right and center.

Luckily the only real places that matter to me and most of you I imagine are pokerstars and grosvenor. They are certainly the only rooms UK players need to look at, especially if playing live poker is the ultimate aim.

Starts I think still do the UKIPT and Grosvenor definitely do the GUKPT so that will do just fine. I still havn’t took the plunge and played yet though. I just don’t have time, work is manic and I just seem to have too many things to sort out and get done before I can have a clear had and some poker time.

When will I start playing and writing about it?

I’m expecting this not to happen until late Summer unfortunately. I’ve just got too much to do and tick off the list before i can truly focus on it. There rally is no point trying until I can give the game my full attention. I have learned the hard way that distractions can and do affect your game, and this isn’t going to happen to me again.


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