Beginners Guide to Texas Hold’em

texas holem beginners guideSo you want to learn how to play Texas Holdem Poker for NL? Do yourself a favour and read this article. It will save you time.

Its easy to learn how to play Texas Holdem poker for NL. NL stands for No Limit. No Limit Texas Holdem Poker is one of the most popular forms of poker in the world today. What makes NL poker stand apart from some other types of poker is the fact that at any time you can bet as much as you want up to no limit. Of course you have to have the amount of money you want to bet but that is the only restriction.

Learn How To Play Texas Holdem Poker For NL

Texas Holdem Poker is usually played with 8 players at a table. You can play with less players then this if there aren’t enough players. When there are only two players playing this is known as heads up. The table will have a dealer. There will be a dealer button that signifies where the dealer ‘is’.

Each hand this moves to the next player around the table. The two players in front of the dealer are the big blind and the small blind. They have to post a certain amount of chips without being able to see their cards (hence ‘blind’).

The game starts and every player will get two cards. These are hole cards, or pocket cards, or down cards. These are your two cards and only you get to use them. A round of betting will occur. At a minimum if you want to play you will have to call the big blind which is the largest amount on the table.

If someone raises you will have to call them or reraise them or you can fold. The minimum amount to raise or reraise is the amount of the big blind. Once everyone has made their move, either called up to the maximum bet for the round or folded, the dealer will deal will pull all the chips into the middle, which is the pot.

The Flop, Turn and River

The dealer burns a card (this means he throws away the top card of the deck) and deals the flop. The flop consists of three cards placed face up on the table. These are known as community cards.

Everyone gets to use these. By the end of the game there will be a total of five community cards. Each player must make the best possible five card hand with their own personal hole cards and the five community cards. After the flop is dealt there is a round of betting starting from the first player left of the dealer.

This player can check (bet nothing), raise or fold. If he checks the next player also has the opportunity to check and it continues. If anyone bets you now cannot check and must either call that bet or fold. You can reraise if you like.

After all bets are done and the chips have been pulled into the pot the dealer will burn another card and then deal one more card, the turn, also called fourth street. Again, similar to before, betting starts from the first player left of the dealer. He can check, raise or fold. Like before, as soon as someone raises no one can check anymore.

Sometimes every player just checks and the next card is dealt. More often though at least one person will bet and then you have to call that bet, or you can reraise or fold. This continues around until everyone has either folded or called up to the maximum amount bet. The dealer again pulls all the chips into the pot.

The dealer burns his last card and places the final community card on the table. This is called the river or fifth street. Now no more cards will come into play and the players know for sure their best five card hand. One final round of betting will take place in exactly the same format as before.

After every player has acted the dealer brings all the chips into the pot and its time for the showdown. The player who initiated the final round of betting has to show his cards first and then everyone else shows their cards. The person with the best overall hand wins.

Texas Holdem Poker Hands

The different Texas Holdem Poker hands are easy to learn. I’ll do them in order from worst to best. Remember S=Spades, C=Clubs, D=Diamonds, H=Hearts.

1) Nothing, aka Highcard.

This is just five plain cards, i.e 7D-5S-4C-3C-2H

2) Pair

Two of you cards are the same number and three plain cards, i.e 2H-6H-10C-Jc-JS

3) Two Pair

Two pairs and one plain card, i.e AC-7S-7D-QC-QH

4) Three Of A Kind

Three of your cards are the same number and two plain cards, i.e JH-5S-8C-8S-8D

5) Straight

Five cards that are consecutive numbers, i.e. 3D-4H-5C-6S-7S.

6) Flush

Five cards that are all the same suit. They can be any numbers, i.e AS-8S-6S-4S-3S

7) Full House

A Three of a kind and the other two cards are a pair, i.e KD-KH-3S-3D-3C

8) Four Of A Kind

Four of your cards are the same number and one plain card, i.e JH-JD-JS-JC-9S

9) Straight Flush

Five consecutive numbered cards and they are all the same suit, i.e 4H-5H-6H-7H-8H

10) Royal Flush

The top five cards and all the same suit, i.e 10H-JH-QH-KH-AH

More Things To Remember

1) At any point in time anyone can go all-in which means they are betting all their chips. This is the essence of No Limit Texas Holdem Poker. If you want to continue playing you must call the amount that was bet.

2) Even though there are seven cards to use in total – the five community cards and your own two hole cards – your best hand is the best five cards of these seven.

3) Don’t bet out of turn. Always wait for the person before you to check, raise or fold before you make your move.