All In Poker Blog

Hello and welcome to the all in poker bog where you can read all about the trial and tribulations of a UK poker players trying to get by playing for a living. As that first sentence suggests I live in the United Kingdom and play poker daily online, I do however venture out of the house now and again but only really to play in UK poker tournaments such as the GUKPT which is a personal favourite of mine.

I’ve been playing poker for around 16 Years now but have always played cards of some form or another. From family games as a kid for loose change, to more heavy duty games in local pubs and clubs around my area. I had a bit of a flair for cards, and being a serial business owner I also know a lot abut people and peoples traits. It seems my upbringing set me up to be a poker player…or that’s what I think anyway!

What to expect

In truth I have had a major break from the game simply down to business reasons and building an empire which didn’t quite go as planned, but shit happens as they say so now I’m back to what I think I do best, playing cards.

I’m going to start all over with a much more modest budget than i have ever had before. The rules of bankroll management will likely go out of the window, mainly because I can’t afford a big enough bankroll to play the games I want to play, and can’t wait. I do have full faith in myself obviously so we shall just see how it goes.

I’m predominant a limit poker player and played at $20/$40 or higher, I love Razz, Omaha and any H.O.R.S.E tournaments have got my name all over them! Hold’em is fine I love the cash games in hold’em and that should be my bread and butter money.

So that is a bit about me and what i’m going to do. The updates will be as often as possible although I’m writing this for myself as much as I am for others. It should help me keep track of things, and get focused on the job in hand.

See you at the tables!